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Model 18 Cryogenic Temperature Monitor

Supported Sensors

The following is a partial list of temperature sensors that have been tested with the Cryo-con Model 18 temperature monitors. Additional sensors are usually easy to install. Please review the Model 18 User's Guide for details.



Temp Range




CCS-ACarbon-Ceramic band A1.5K to 300KUR31K10UATemati
CCS-BCarbon-Ceramic band B2.5K to 300KUR31K10UATemati
CCS-CCarbon-Ceramic band C4.2K to 300KUR31K10UATemati
CCS-DCarbon-Ceramic band D4.2K to 300KUR31K10UATemati
CX-1010Cernox™0.2 to 325KUACRLakeshore
CX-1030-HTCernox™0.3 to 420KUACRLakeshore
CX-1050-HTCernox™1.4 to 420KUACRLakeshore
CX-1070-HTCernox™4.0 to 420KUACRLakeshore
CX-1080-HTCernox™20 to 420KUACRLakeshore
CD-12ASilicon Diode1.4 to 500K4DiodeCryo Industries
CTISilicon Diode10 to 300K8DiodeCTI (Obsolete)
DT-414Silicon Diode1.4 to 500K3DiodeLakeshore
DT-421Silicon Diode1.4 to 500K3DiodeLakeshore
DT-470Silicon Diode1.4 to 500K3DiodeLakeshore
DT-471Silicon Diode1.4 to 500K3DiodeLakeshore
DT-670Silicon Diode1.4 to 500K2DiodeLakeshore
GA-300GaAs Diode25 to 500KUDiodeScientific Instruments
S800Silicon Diode1.4 to 400K6DiodeCryo-con
S900Silicon Diode1.4 to 500K7DiodeCryo-con
SI410Silicon Diode1.4 to 500K5DiodeScientific Instruments
SI430Silicon Diode1.4 to 500K7DiodeScientific Instruments
SI440Silicon Diode1.4 to 500K7DiodeScientific Instruments
TG-120GaAs Diode25 to 500KUDiodeLakeshore
UpUpPlatinum RTD
CP-100100 Ohm Platinum RTD14 to 873K20PTC100Cryo-con
GP-100100 Ohm Platinum RTD14 to 673K20PTC100Cryo-con
PT-102100 Ohm Platinum RTD14 to 873K20PTC100Lakeshore
PT-111100 Ohm Platinum RTD14 to 673K20PTC100Lakeshore
PT100 RTDGeneric 100 Ohm Platinum RTD20 to 800K20PTC100generic
PT10K RTDGeneric 10K Ohm Platinum RTD20 to 800K22PTC10Kgeneric
PT1K RTDGeneric 1,000 Ohm Platinum RTD20 to 800K21PTC1Kgeneric
XP-100100 Ohm Platinum RTD14 to 425K20PTC100Cryo-con
XP-1K1K Ohm Platinum RTD14 to 425K21PTC1KCryo-con
UpUpRhodium-Iron RTD
PHZ 0002Rhodium-Iron RTD1.4 to 500K23PTC100Oxford
RF-800Rhodium-Iron RTD1.4 to 500K23PTC100Lakeshore
RX-103ARuthenium-Oxide1.4 to 40KUACRLakeshore

*FI = Factory Installed. 0 to 60 indicates that the sensor is supported by a factory installed sensor calibration curve.

U indicates that support in temperature units requires a user supplied curve.

Input configurations are:
 R250K10UA - DC resistance. Constant-current excitation is 10uA. Full-scale resistance is 250KΩ.
 R31K10UA - DC resistance. Constant-current excitation is 10uA. Full-scale resistance is 31KΩ.
 Diode - DC Diode. Excitation 10uA DC. Input voltage range: 2.25V
 PTC100 - DC resistance. Excitation 1.0mA DC. Full scale resistance is 625Ω.
 PTC1K - DC resistance. Excitation 1.0mA DC. Full scale resistance is 625Ω.
 PTC10K - DC resistance. Excitation 1.0mA DC. Full scale resistance is 625Ω.

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