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Model 18 Cryogenic Temperature Monitor

Ordering Information

Prices listed are for USA domestic sales only. For international pricing, contact Reps/Distributors or
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Model 18
Part Number
  Monitor Includes: Cryo-con software CD, User's Manual, Power cord,
  Input/Output connector kit and Calibration Certificate.
4034-038 Dual Sensor Cable, 2 x 8 foot. $66.00 Stock
4034-033 Shielded Sensor Connector Kit (DB9). $12.00 Stock
05-0007 External International Power Supply (multi-blade) $25.00 Stock
3014-022 Removable Instrument Stand $39.00 Stock
3014-020 Panel Mount Hardware Kit $35.00 Stock
3018-029 Model 18 User's Manual and CD $24.00 Stock
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