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Cryogenic Accessories

Cartridge Heaters

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Cryo-con cartridge heaters are available in 50 and 25 Ohm versions to match the heater outputs of all of our controllers.

The Nickel-chromium resistance element assures even, efficient heat distribution.

Efficient Magnesium oxide insulation is Silicon free allowing use in high vacuum systems.

Incoloy™ sheath resists oxidation and corrosion.

Maximum operating temperature >1,000K.

UL, VDE and CSA approved.

2-inch Solid Nickel leads.

Nichrome Wire Heaters

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Wire heaters are a length of insulated Nichrome wire with crimped copper connectors on each end. Crimped contacts are used because of the difficulty in connecting to Nichrome.

A heater is fabricated by wrapping the wire around a cylinder, being careful to heat-sink the wire over its entire length. Stycast™ epoxy is often used to provide a good thermal attach, especially at the ends of the wire.

The wire is often folded over in the middle and wrapped bifilar style so that a strong magnetic field is not created when current flows.

Wire heaters are available in 50 Ohm (5') and 25 Ohm (2.5') versions.

Nichrome Heater Wire

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Single-strand Nichrome heater wire is recommended for the fabrication of heaters in cryogenic environments.

  • AWG 32 (0.203mm)
  • 80% Nickel, 20% Chromium.
  • Polyimide insulation rated for operation to 493K.
  • 100' (30.5M) Reel.
PW4-36 Phosphor-bronze Ribbon Cable

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Cryo-con PW4-36 4-wire Phosphor-bronze ribbon cable features low heat conductivity; making it the optimal choice for four-wire measurements in cryogenic environments.

It can also be used for other purposes including fabrication of heater elements.

  • 4-wire ribbon cable.
  • Phosphor-bronze, AWG 36.
  • Butyal bonding film for easy lead separation.
  • Color coded Formvar® insulation.
  • Low magnetoresistance.
  • 100' reel.
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