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7/27/14 Now shipping the Model 18i cryogenic temperature monitor.

The Model 18i eight-channel cryogenic temperature monitor features industrial protocols, including Modbus.

Industrial security features include an encrypted, secure web server and a built-in firewall.

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7/20/14 Now shipping the Model 26 temperature controller.

The Model 26 high output power cryogenic temperature controller features four multi-purpose inputs plus four independent control loops. Loop 1 can provide up to 100W and Loop 2 can provide up to 50W.

Ethernet and USB interfaces are standard. GPIB is optional.

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1/3/12 Cryo-con replaces the Model 32B controller with the Model 22C

The Model 32B controller was discontinued in January, 2012. It has been replaced and updated by the Model 22C. The Model 32 controller is still available.

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8/12/12 Model 24C and Model 22C controllers updated and improved.

The Model 22C and 24C controllers have been updated and improved:
   Control loop 2 has been changed from a 10W / 1W output to 25W / 2.5W.

   Dry contact relay current increased to 10-Amperes.

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3/12/12 Introducing the Model 12C and 14C cryogenic temperature monitors.

The Model 18C 8-channel cryogenic temperature monitor product has been extended to include new four and two channel monitors.

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2/12/12 Introducing the Model 22C two-channel temperature controller

The Model 22C two-channel cryogenic temperature controller features a large TFT LCD display, Ethernet LAN connectivity, 50W / 25W linear heater outputs and two high-current relays.

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6/24/11 LabView™ 10 drivers now available for Cryo-con Model 24C and 22C controllers.

LabView™ 10 Visa drivers are available for the Model 24C and 22C controllers that feature operation on the GPIB, USB, Ethernet and serial interfaces. Many new VIs have been added to support new instrument features.

Ethernet drivers support both TCP and UDP protocols.

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3/17/11 Cryo-con introduces the Model 18C eight-channel temperature monitor

The Model 18C is an eight-channel cryogenic temperature monitor that features expanded sensor support, Power over Ethernet, Two 5A relay outputs, a configurable TFT-LCD display, and internal data logging.


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2/14/11 Application Brief on Network Programming available.

Programming Cryo-con Ethernet enabled instruments is detailed. Includes C++ source code for TCP and UDP client hosts using the Windows Winsock library. Also included is an example of using the Cryo-con eNetDLL API.

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10/31/10 Thermocouple Option available for Model 24C and Model 22C

A thermocouple option is now available for the Model 24C temperature controller. The option is an easy to install external module that plugs into a standard sensor input. All common thermocouple types are supported. The option is powered by the instrument and performs preamplification, cold-junction compensation and conversion to copper. Up to four modules can be supported by a single Model 24C. See the Model 24C data sheet for complete details.

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