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Cryogenic Temperature Sensors

Product Summary

S950 Silicon Diodes

The 0.310" copper bobbin has become an industry standard because it has a wide temperange, a high degree of interchangability and is easy to install.

S950 features include:

  • Accuracy: Available in two tolerance bands.
  • Wide temperature range: 1.5K to 400K.
  • Interchangeability: Conforms to a standard calibration curve with high accuracy.
  • Extremely stable: Minimum long-term drift.
  • High Repeatability.
  • Three Packages: Compact 0.075" (1.9mm) square, 0.042" (1.0mm) cylindrical package or a 0.310" bobbin. Non-magnetic.

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UpUp Platinum RTDs

Platinum RTDs are the ‘sensor of choice’ over a very wide temperature range. Because of their high stability and repeatability, they are often used as reference standards.

The Cryo-con line of Platinum RTDs includes:

  • The CP-100 ceramic wire-wound RTD. 100 Ohms at 0°C.
  • GP-100 glass RTD. 100 Ohms at 0°C.
  • XP-100 thin-film RTD. 100 Ohms at 0°C.
  • XP-1K thin-film RTD. 1,00 Ohms at 0°C.


  • Temperature range for the CP-100 and GP-100 is 14K to 1020K. The XP-100 and XP-1K are limited to 425K.
  • Interchangable. Excellent conformance to DIN and IEC standard curves.
  • Two critical temperature calibrations are available for higher accuracy.
  • Cryogenically conditioned for use at low temperature.

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