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Model 14 / 12 Cryogenic Temperature Monitors

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  • Front Panel
  • Rear Panel

Model 12

Major highlights of the Model 12 / 14:

  • Two (Model 12) or Four (Model 14) multipurpose inputs support Diode, Platinum RTD and most cryogenic NTC resistive temperature sensors.
  • Operation from 1.4K to over 1200K with appropriate sensor.
  • Continuous data logging into internal Non-Volatile memory.
  • High speed 100/10 Ethernet plus RS-232 serial port.
  • Supports IEEE standard SCPI command language.
  • National Instruments, Inc. LabVIEW™ drivers are available.
  • Embedded web server and e-mail.


Model 14 Rear Panel

  • Input Connectors: 2x DB9 receptacles provide 4-wire measurement connection plus shield for four input channels.
  • Ethernet: RJ-45 with LAN activity indicator LEDs.
  • AC Power: RFI filtered Power Entry Module including fuse drawer and line voltage selector.
  • RS-232 connector. DB9 receptacle.
  • Detachable terminal block for analog output and two relays.



General Description

Cryo-con’s Model 12 and 14 are the most flexible and accurate temperature monitors currently available. These two- or four-channel instruments have a level of sophistication not found in other monitors. Virtually any cryogenic temperature sensor from any manufacturer can be selected by a single setting of the front panel. In addition to its high accuracy/performance and low noise design, unique features include: Constant-Voltage AC sensor excitation, Internal Data Logging, Ethernet Connectivity, a large easy to read display and extensive utility software.

Ethernet connectivity adds a new dimension of utility to these monitors. In both industrial and laboratory applications, Ethernet is more reliable and easier to use compared to other communication standards. Furthermore, it is essential to remote, distributed sensor or Local Area Network based systems.

The Model 14 has four independent and identical multi-purpose sensor inputs whereas the Model 12 has two. Each can be easily configured to support virtually any cryogenic temperature sensor.

The front panel consists of a large, bright Vacuum Fluorescent display and a 5-key keypad. Most features and functions can be accessed via this simple and intuitive menu driven interface. All eight temperature readings can be shown simultaneously in a small font or two selected channels in a large font.

The Model 12/14 connects directly to any 100/10 Base-T Ethernet Local-Area-Network or directly to any PC. Simple connection to any existing Local Area Network allows stable, precise, cost-effective measurements in laboratory or industrial environments as well as in remote, distributed data acquisition systems.

Using the Ethernet HTTP protocol, the monitor’s embedded web server allows the instrument to be viewed and configured from any web browser.

Using the SMTP protocol, the monitor will send e-mail based on selected alarm conditions. E-mail is completely configured by using the web page interface.

TCP and UDP data port servers bring fast, reliable remote control to common data acquisition software programs including LabView™.

Remote interfaces implement an IEEE-488.2 SCPI compliant remote command language that is easy to learn and easy to read. This language is identical across all Cryo-con products to ensure that your investment in system software is always protected.



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