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Model 32 Cryogenic Temperature Controller

Product Folder


  • Front Panel
  • Rear Panel

M32 Front View

Major highlights of the Model 32:

Two multipurpose input channels support Diode, Platinum RTD and most cryogenic resistive sensors.

Operation from 500mK to over 1,000K with appropriate sensor.

Synchronous input filter improves control accuracy and stability in cryocooler based systems.


Loop #1 Primary control loop: 50 Watt, 50Ω, three-range linear heater output.

Loop #2 Secondary control loop is a non-powered zero to 10V output.

Remote interfaces include RS-232 and IEEE- 488.2 (GPIB). Ethernet and USB are optional. LabView#8482; drivers available.


M32 Rear Panel

  • Input Connectors: Two DIN-5 recepticals. The thermocouple option replaces the Input B receptical with a 2-pin spade type thermocouple connector.
  • Loop #1 heater output: Stackable banana plugs.
  • Loop #2 output: 2-pin detachable terminal block.
  • IEEE-488: Standard IEEE-488.2 (GPIB) connector.
  • RS-232: Null-modem connector (DB-9, pins).
  • Power Entry Module: RFI filter, fuse drawer and line voltage selector.



 General Description

The Model 32 sets the standard for simplicity, useable features and price. It is a cost effective, two-channel controller designed for fixed cryogenic applications (i.e., cryostat and cryocooler) where measurement accuracy and control stability are the two primary requirements.

The Cryo-con Model 32 is a precision Cryogenic Temperature Controller designed for single control loop applications. The Model 32B adds a second, medium power output for systems that require dual-loop control in a single unit.

For an upgraded two-channel controller, please review the Model 22C.

folderModel 22C Product Folder>>


For applications requiring high output power, consider the Model 26.

folder Model 26 Product Folder>>



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