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Temperature Monitor

Selection Guide

  Model 18i / 14i / 12i
Model 18i

Eight- and four- channel cryogenic temperature monitor optimized for industrial applications.
Sensor Inputs 8, 4 or 2
Configuration Independent, not multiplexed
Temperature Range 500mK to 1,200K
Sensor Excitation NTC sensors: 10mV, AC, constant-voltage.
PTC sensors: 1.0mA, 100µA, AC, constant current.
Diode sensors: DC, 10µA
Supported Sensors
Silicon diode 1.4K to 500K
GaAlAs diode 1.4K to 500K
Ruthenium Oxide 500mK to 273K
Platinum RTD 14 to 1200K
Cernox™ 500mK to 420K
Rhodium-Iron 1.4K to 800K
Germanium 500mK to 100K
Carbon Glass&trade 1.0K to 325K
Calibration Curves Built-in curves for most standard sensors plus 8 additional user supplied curves.
Computer Interfaces
Ethernet Protocols HTTPS, TCP, Modbus TCP, EPICS CA server, UDP, SMTP, NTP,SCPI, DHCP
and Discovery (IGMP)
Embedded Web Server Provides complete instrument control and configuration without the need for external platform-dependent utility software. Functions performed through the web browser include:
 - Complete real-time status and configuration.
 - Custom sensor calibration tables downloads.
 - Data-logging file downloads.
 - Installation of firmware updates.
 - Real-time strip-chart displays.
 - CalGen™ sensor curve fitting and generation.
 - Run and access user scripts.
Security Secure and encrypted HTTPS. Built-in firewall.
Modbus Yes
User Interfaces
Alarms Audio / LED. High and low temperature set-points
Relay Outputs 2 Dry contact, 10A, High and low temperature set-points
User Programmable Yes
Front Panel Display TFT LCD, 8 x 21 or 4 x 10 font.
Data Logging Esentially unlimited: 2GB

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